On February 20, 2023, Alvin Huang will be speaking at the Palm Springs Modernism Week to discuss the work, legacy, and impact of Asian-American Midcentury Modernist architect Gin Wong as a part of “Stories Untold — Asian American Architects and Midcentury Modernism: Influential Design and Social Exclusion”

“Modernism is deeply influenced by Japanese design and architecture, and architects of Asian descent helped shape the mid-century Southland. They did this in spite of deep-rooted discrimination and, for Japanese-Americans, incarceration in World War II internment camps.

Stories Untold shines a light on architects rarely given the attention deserved: Helen Fong, designer of well-known Googie coffee shops bringing Modernism to everyday venues; Gin Wong, a lead architect on landmarks such as the LAX Theme Building, Beverly Hills’ Union 76 gas station, and San Francisco’s Transamerica pyramid; and Charles Wong, Eugene Choy, Hideo Matsunaga, and others.”