2020 marks the 10 year anniversary of Synthesis Design + Architecure, which was originally founded in London, United Kingdom.

SDA was originally founded in the UK on December 10, 2010 with a single desk in Shoreditch, London in a shared office with collaborators Seam Design. We have since expanded to a network of diverse, dedicated, and talented collaborators from around the globe…Thank you all for contributing to @synthesisdesignandarchitecture.

From the bottom of our heart, a big thank you goes out to all those that have contributed to Synthesis Design + Architecture.

Yang Li, China (Senior Designer) @lyangnew
Mitchell Foo, Canada (Designer) @mitchell.foo
Madelyn Rosen, USC/USA (Intern) @madelynr99
Rafael Galli, Cal Poly SLO/USA (Intern)

John Vincent Hernandez, Philippines (Designer) @johnjvhernandez
Sarah Hammond, USA (Designer) @sarahkorkoh
Ian Beals, U. of Texas – Austin / USA (Designer/Intern) @bool.ian
Suky Ho, USA (Designer) @suky_ho
Farnoosh Rafaie, USA (Designer) @frafaie
Timothy Harmon, USA (Designer) @mo_harmon
Chia-ching Yang, Taiwan (Designer) @greenpo77
Filipa Valente, Portugal (Associate) @filipalvalente
Joseph Sarafian, USA (Designer) @josephsarafian
Kais Al-Rawi, Canada/Jordan (Designer) @kais.rawi
David O. Wolthers, Denmark (Designer) @davidwolthers